So, it’s been a long, long time. I am so sorry about that, but this pandemic is no joke. I feel like I can let go of just a few of my responsibilities because of everything that has been happening. I’m going to keep this short as I want to spend time away from technology for a bit in the last few hours of my birthday. Oh yeah, it’s my birthday :)))

The big 21. I can’t tell you how many people asked “how does if feel?” and then proceed to put an imaginary microphone in my face (yes, I’m talking about you Iman). I want to be able to tell people that it does feel different, that to be a full-fledged adult and have all the privileges that 18 year olds don’t have is different. But how can I tell people I feel different if I’m stuck in the house and can’t even actually go out and feel different? COVID has taken many things from people left and right and sometimes it feels like this can only get worse.

I am very lucky and grateful to experience a delightful birthday, as far as COVID standards go, with my [immediate] family and to receive birthday messages and gifts. I’m thankful for another year around the sun and look forward to many more. I’m hoping to be able to go out on my 22nd birthday hopefully if COVID is under check by then. For now, during this time, I’m going to work on becoming a better person for myself.

This year, I want to work on being more affectionate with people, maybe not physically yet because of COVID, but at least in the way I talk. I haven’t been the most comfortable with being affectionate with people throughout my entire life, but I really want to change that. And, I mean like the smallest things, like telling people I love them and appreciate them, complimenting more, a hug (after all this is over), and so on.

I also want to work more on consistency. I know I haven’t been the most consistent with this blog, but I want to work on that a little more. At least one post a month because I’ve been on a break since August I think and before that, I was on another break for a period of time that I can’t remember but it was probably something ridiculous. Anyways, we’ll see just how consistent I can be, no promises. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!

Signing Off,