Haven’t posted since my birthday? No, problem just post one day before the end of the year to make it seem like you actually post consistently. This is my mentality and I, for sure, need to fix that…

When I wrote that line, I was supposed to post right before the new year. As you can clearly see, it’s now 11 days into 2021 and I haven’t posted in awhile. This year, I think we all need to take a step back and look at what happened last year, and figure out how we can do better.

For one, I think we need a new perspective. Again, its only 11 days into 2021, and I’ve already seen people say 2020 Part 2. NOOO. Please do not say that. The fact that you are already saying that when the year has barely started is giving a grim outlook for the entire year when it hasn’t even been a month…

Now, I completely understand why you may feel that way, but for example, if you think that the year is going to be shit, it will be. Not to be that person, but you attract what you put out into the universe. If you are negative about everything, even if good things happen to you, you will only see the downsides. Don’t do that. I promise you, it will only hurt you in the long run because it becomes a horrible habit.

How about this year, no matter the crazy, outrageous things that happen (I’m looking at you, many crazy white racist people storming the capital), let’s remain positive. It will get better. Eventually, we will get out of this pandemic, eventually we won’t have to wear masks. Now, I’m not saying that it will be this year, because in being positive, we still have to be realistic. We have people in this country who have proven that they don’t have the common decency or brains to wear a mask. It will take a bit for people to get the vaccine, but there are other things to do in the meantime!

Have you taken a look back on the things you did last year? Now, remember, we were and still are in the middle of a pandemic, so do not feel the need to push yourself to master an entire skill or become an expert in something. However, you can start to learn something new for a hobby and find out more about yourself. Did you take up hiking? Or maybe practice playing the guitar gathering dust in the corner? Or possibly try learning how to speak conversationally in another language? There is many options to try to improve yourself. Please take the time to try to find one new thing to do, you might find you love it.

Now, you are probably wondering, well you are saying all this, but what have YOU actually done? Honestly, I’ve tried a few things. I picked up jogging for a bit, wasn’t really for me but it’s okay I think. I started learning how to cook and bake, which I absolutely love. Hiking was also something I picked up and is pretty enjoyable to me. I even started learning a new language, Korean. I am currently thinking about learning how to draw as well.

However, please do not think that you need to try a bunch of things to feel like you are being productive during these times. Again, we are in the middle of a pandemic. It is perfectly fine if you think things are overwhelming right now and you don’t want to do a lot to stress yourself out. I just want you to pick up something to take a break from school or from work to distract yourself other than watching tv or scrolling on social media. How about in the next few weeks, just pick up one thing to do! It can be as easy as opening a new book or going out for a run. Just do something that you haven’t done before or done in awhile.

Trust me, I know how you may be feeling. The days are monotonous and it seems never ending. I promise that we will get through this. Do not give up and during this time, find something you love and may want to continue doing once this is all over because one day it will be.

Signing off,