Okay, so I was a YouTuber for maybe five minutes (ha ha, go ahead and laugh, I would). No, but really, I was doing it for about a month and I really did love it, but there were a lot of complications.

1. It’s far from easy. I’m not kidding because most people think you just sit in front of a camera, say what you have to say, and upload it. But, no. At least what I was doing, I definitely had to really think out what I was going to say or film a lot. I could have a few hours of footage when it came to vlogs (like about the J. Cole concert, Beyonce concert, or the Marvel 10 Year Sweepstakes) and then I would have to edit the crap out of them.

2. You definitely need money. I know it’s very obvious, but to some people it isn’t. Some people think you can just use your phone and you can, but if you are outside, for example, you have to account for wind, sound, and lighting. To get good lighting, I would have to sit at a certain angle or stand up in a certain position to get good lighting with the sun or not have shadows on my face. Most people have specialty cameras a good one for me would have been a specific vlogging camera (I can’t remember the name). I bought a ring light, that was really useful. I will definitely use it in the future maybe for future youtube videos or just to take pictures or something.

3. It isn’t about the followers, but it is. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but my point is yeah, obviously do what you love and be honest, but in order to get money from YouTube you definitely need the subscribers. And unless you do something crazy or something really special and cool, it won’t be easy to grow your subscriber count. Nowadays it’s easy for someone to become a youtube (I mean, look at me) so now no one is special…

4. You need collaborations. I guess this is opinion based, but I think you need to collaborate with other people. You can gain a lot of followers by having similar audiences with people that you collaborate with. I never made it far enough to collaborate with someone, but I was working my way up to that. But, be weary of controversies. So many youtubers are in hot water because they do something stupid and you definitely don’t want to get caught up in whatever it is.

5. Social media presence is a must. Like I said, stay out of the controversies, but definitely gain followers across different platforms. You need as much support as possible having a youtube channel and before I moved on to blogging, I didn’t have full support from my followers. It’s a slippery slope in order to get followers if you don’t already have them. And the most important thing is to stay genuine because you don’t want to become something you’re not.

I hope this gave you a few insights on what my experience was like being a YouTuber. It was fun, but it was so much work to produce content every 2-3 days. I can’t imagine how people post daily vlogs. It would be highly stressful and I’m not about that life. But, if you do decide to become a YouTuber, go for it and do what you want! Don’t listen to what other people have to say unless they are trying to help you, and not everyone wants to help…

Signing Off,