I just want to start off with, this isn’t normally the movies I watch. Romance movies definitely aren’t my cup of tea. To be honest, the majority of what I watch is action and Sc-fi movies. But, it was playing in one of the auditoriums on my campus, so I thought, why not? So, let’s dive into this review!

First of all, I found it refreshing to see Lady Gaga without the all the make-up, hair, and extravagant outfits. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and her uniqueness! She played a girl named, Ally, who is an amazing singer and songwriter, stuck working at a crappy job. Her world was turned upside down when while singing at her regular gig, a famous singer named Jackson, stops in. I won’t tell you the whole plot of the story, but you get the gist of it.

What I found really amazing about the movie as a whole was the fact that it detailed the rise of a star. Hence, the name, A Star is Born. I always knew that it was pretty tricky to get to the top, while also trying to maintain your personality and who you are, but jeez. We saw Ally become almost a completely different person. The one thing that didn’t change about her was her attitude towards singing and Jackson. I don’t believe that was too bad of a spoiler because there is definitely one giant spoiler that I will definitely not say.

On the other hand, Jackson is a completely different story. He tended to not change throughout the story. A common theme was his love for Ally and his love of drinking and doing drugs. This showed the really ugly side of the music industry and Hollywood as a whole. There are so many people in Hollywood who have drinking problems and even more people who constantly do drugs. What we saw with Jackson was, even though he had this amazing person in his life who loved him through all of his faults, he couldn’t give it up.

Addiction is a disease. Most people know that, but some people don’t want to admit when they are addicted to something. I’ll admit it! I’ve definitely been addicted to certain sweets or going on Instagram and Twitter too much. Although, drinking and doing drugs is more serious, please know when you need to get help. Sorry, I added this in the middle of a review, but it needed to be said. Go. Get. Some. Help. The addiction will destroy your life, so don’t think for one second that it won’t.

Anyways, the soundtrack was bomb. I knew people that hadn’t even seen the movie yet who were listening to it. I’m actually currently listening to it and in just awe of how amazing the lyrics and vocals are from both of them. My favorites are La Vie en Rose, Shallow, Always Remember Us This Way, I don’t know what Love is, and I’ll Never Love Again (both versions)! I guess that’s most of the major songs from the album…

For those that saw the movie, we can all agree that the ending hit us like a truck. I walked out the theater like my heart had been ripped out my chest. Like, I get what they were trying to do, but my soul was crushed. Moving on, I just want to acknowledge the fact that Bradley Cooper did an amazing job. Cooper played the role of Jackson, directed the film, and co-wrote/produced most of the songs on the soundtrack. That’s definitely dedication!

~I give the movie a 8/10 for hurting me~
A Star is Born is currently out on DvD, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it!

Signing Off,