Let me just say right off the bat, I dislike this stupid trend so much. It’s really crazy when people want to look black and “act black” (we’ll get to that later), but don’t want to deal with black issues. Where are you when our black men get shot in the street? Where are you when black women get ridiculed because people can’t handle the fact that they are both black and a woman? In the words of someone wise, “they want our rhythm, but not our blues.”

Take case A:

That is Emma Hallberg from Sweden with over 250,000 followers on instagram (possibly has grown since all this exposure). She is a white instagram influencer that came under fire awhile ago when people started pointing out a trend. She said, when asked by Buzzfeed, “I do not see myself as anything else than white. I get a deep tan naturally from the sun.” A tan??? Sis, a tan is a slightly darker shade than what you already look like. The girl on the right is either the same color or darker than me! I don’t know if she is doing this on purpose, but it sure as hell isn’t right. I wish she would listen to the people telling her that what she is doing is wrong.

Case B:

A YouTuber, Amy Mecado, deliberately used a foundation that was significantly darker than her natural skin tone. She said it was to capture what her skin would look like with a tan. But, the gag is, it doesn’t even match the rest of her body without the tan! She has a darker face with light colored hands. Just look at the finished result and compare her face with her hands! The problem with this is not only is she able to make herself look mixed race or light skin, but also she (and other people) contribute to the reason darker shades are sold out for people that actually need them! Everyone knows you should get a shade that is your skin tone and sometimes slightly darker, but this is just ridiculous…

Case C:

I don’t even know where to begin. This is Bianca Prince from the infamous Prince Family on Youtube stirring up controversy after controversy. You may know her from the controversy after she just had her baby. All she could say was that her daughter would probably have brown eyes and wished that she had “pretty eyes.” She kept asking if her baby would be darker (in comparison to her son). It’s really messed up that when the baby came out her womb, all she did was question the baby’s skin color and eye color. She probably knows that the “standard of beauty” is light skin with light eyes.

I’m not sure, but I do believe Bianca is mixed race. However, this doesn’t excuse the fact that in doing the video where she pranked her husband as an uber driver, she used what I think would still be considered blackface. She said she just had to go undercover so he wouldn’t recognize her, but in that case, why not put on a crazy wig, some piercings, a few tattoos, crazy clothes, etc.??? There is a million things she could have done, but no. She chose to darken her skin tone with makeup. Then proceed to “act black.” She is acting the way she manages to see black people, which is the worst part of it. She spoke with a “ghetto accent” because, of course, she couldn’t just use a regular voice…

At the end of the day, black people can’t take off their skin (as makeup). We can’t choose not to get a tan dark, then just get lighter in the winter when we are done with it! We have to live with our trauma and face what it’s like to be black out in the world and you don’t get a pass just because you can take it off!

Signing Off,