Last weekend (May 30th), I had the wonderful chance of attending the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington, D.C. In all my years of living practically 30 minutes from D.C., I’ve only been to the Cherry Blossom festival once. And, I barely even remember that… The only thing I can remember was meeting an actor from some Disney Channel movie that I can’t even remember the name of. But, I can say that this festival was a success. My feet were hurting by the end of the day, I got some good pictures, learned some new things, got some free food, and had a fun time with my friend!

So, it took us around 3 1/2 hours to get there. I was used to it because that’s how long it takes me to get home, which is like 30 mins from DC. We went down with the Blue and White Society (BWS) on Penn State’s campus.¬†It was so beautiful outside and I was really glad to not have to wear a jacket. Up in State College, it’s breezy, if not freezing, for most of the time we are in school. Because we are members of BWS, we only had to pay $10 and they would transport us to and from DC and pay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast, we had some pastries and donuts on the bus. When we arrived in DC, me and Azaria (my friend that came with me), separated from the group and walked to where the action was. Most of the activities, booths selling food and other stuff and all the flying kites, were on the National Mall. From what I know, the Cherry Blossom Festival is held over several weeks and the weekend is when they primarily have different activities. We happened to go on the day where there was an abundance of kites of different shapes and sizes flying all over the mall. I’m going to be honest, I think I’ve owned a kite, but I’ve only flown it once. It definitely stayed behind the couch in my family room for a majority of my life…

After looking around a bit we headed back to where the bus first dropped us off, so we could eat lunch with the other students. We went to a Penn State owned restaurant called¬†Proper 21. They had different selections of food laid out for us, but I really loved their wings, fries, and flatbread. I know my mom would have something to say about my choices, but I had to take advantage of the free food! After lunch was over, we headed back over towards the Washington monument, but we decided to look at some of the museums. We went to the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of African Art. Both were really cool and although I’ve been there before, I stilled learned new things.

We, of course, took pictures with the Cherry Blossoms since it was the main event! They were so beautiful and I planned my outfit beforehand to sort of coordinate with it (pink top that was a similar color to the leaves). For dinner, we went to Whitlow’s on Wilson in Arlington, VA (not too far from D.C.). There, we met up with the local alumni chapter of Penn State to eat some delicious food and talk. The ride back felt longer than the ride there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much sleep because some people don’t know how to be quiet when others are sleeping. Anyways, I had a really fun time and here are a few more pics that we took!

Signing Off,