I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of movies and tv shows that took place and dorms and if you weren’t already in college, you probably wondered if that’s what it’s really like to live with other people in a confined space where some people don’t know how to properly clean after themselves or be quiet at 1 in the morning… 🙂

I have to say that one of the only upsides of living in my dorm is that I have a wonderful roommate, good RA, and some of my friends live on my floor. That’s where it stops. The hygiene of some of the people on my floor is actually really disgusting. Obviously, I’m not going to say any names (probably because I don’t know who was doing what), but those people definitely knew what they were doing!

Now going off of what I have seen in Grown-ish, let’s just say that as far as I know, no parties happen in my dorm. That could be simply because I live in a special living option dorm, so it’s with my scholarship program and some engineering program (I think. I don’t actually know). Zoey (main character from Grown-ish) seems to always be going to some party in a dorm and I just haven’t had that experience. And frankly, I don’t want to. I’ve definitely heard of some dorm parties on campus, but they seem pretty stupid in my opinion. I’m pretty scarred after hearing about a party that happened in an apartment where the floor collapsed. Yes, you read that correctly. They were jumping around like fools and the floor caved in. Don’t worry, no one was badly injured, so you can let out that laugh you’ve been holding in…

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Moving on from parties, if you aren’t already living in a dorm, be prepared for people who have probably never gotten a hygiene lesson in their life. And yes, I mean ALL the shade. How is it possible that you leave (I’m sorry for even writing this) POOP ON THE SEAT. I would say something else, but we got to keep it PG for the kiddos. HOW DO YOU MISS THE TOILET WITH POOP?? And keep this in mind that my floor is a girls only floor, therefore, the bathroom is girls only. I’m not going to even mention some of the other stuff left on the toilet seat or on the floor, in the sink, or in the shower stall. Let’s just say that it got so bad, the maintenance people were leaving up signs for everyone to clean up after themselves SEVERAL TIMES and we had to have floor meetings about it. That’s ridiculous and I hope everyone got their crap (pun intended) together this semester. Maybe they just needed to go back home for break and do all their dirty, disgusting habits there to get it out of their system.

I hope that, if you are in college, you have a manageable roommate. I got lucky in that department. Since, I’m in the Millennium Scholars Program, we have to room with someone in the program for at least two years (you can switch roommates if it doesn’t work out), so I didn’t have to worry about rooming with a complete stranger. And since we got to know everyone in our cohort during the summer, we could just choose the person we vibed with the most as our roommate for the fall.

Other people, didn’t get so lucky. I know some people that were constantly arguing with their roommates and basically made living with them seem like rooming with the devil himself! And I’m sure we all heard about that disgusting girl at the University of Hartford who rubbed used tampons on her roommate’s bag and contaminated her eating utensils, toothbrush, and beauty products. And the worst part about it, besides all the disgusting things that happened, the university didn’t want to do anything about it! Eventually the girl that was being harassed went public with it and shared her story, and finally the university decided to open an investigation. It’s ridiculous that she had to share it publicly for them to even listen!

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But, there are always upsides to living in a dorm. If you have never lived with other people before or shared a bathroom with someone, this definitely gives you the whole experience! Well, that’s pretty much the only upside I can think of sooo if you can think of anymore, comment below! Remember, don’t be that disgusting roommate that is always talked about to your roommate’s friends and is always given disgusted looks! Clean after yourself and remember, don’t crap on the toilet seat!

Signing off,