So, I was lucky enough to go to Austin, Texas this Spring Break and I had an absolute amazing time! My next post will either be about the overall trip (and meeting with tech companies) or places to do and go in Austin! So, here is five food places that you absolutely have to try when you visit Austin!

1. 24 Diner – This is an old-fashioned diner where you can eat inside or outside. Here, I got the meatloaf and mashed potatoes and it was delicious. I was either going to order that or the chicken and waffles. Unfortunately, the chicken and waffles is waaaay too big of a meal (more bang for your buck) and I wouldn’t be able to finish it and because I’m too lazy to carry something back to the hotel (walking for 30 mins) I opted out of getting it…

2. Torchy’s Tacos – Sooooo many different types of tacos! One of the chaperones on the trip just would not stop talking about the catfish tacos! I was basic and got the chicken fajita ones and they tased delicious. We actually had this twice because at one of the companies we visited (Google), had the same idea and wanted to make sure we tried it before we left!

3. IN-N-OUT Burger – Oh my Gosh, their sauce. Augh. It was so good! A lot of people hype this place up where I am from (the east coast) since we don’t have it. I wanted to try it when I was in Los Angeles last year, but never made it there so I was really bummed. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that they have IN-N-OUT in Texas! The prices were fairly reasonable. In my opinion, they are a little over-hyped, but still really good!

4. Terry Black’s Barbecue – This place honestly made me feel like I connected with Austin, TX on a spiritual level (as weird as it sounds.) If you aren’t into meat (red meat especially) do not go here… I had no idea what to get because I had never been to an actual barbecue place so I got what most people in my group got (Brisket sandwich + Mac and Cheese + Cornbread). ┬áIt was so good, it was actually worth my stomach turning practically inside out (since I don’t eat red meat). Another great barbecue place is Franklin’s. We couldn’t go there, unfortunately, because they always have really long lines and you have to line up at about 8am to get food because once they run out during lunchtime, that’s it for the day.

5. Food Trucks!! – Last, but not least, you have to go to at least one! Austin is really big on food trucks and it would be a shame if you never made it to one if you visited this place. Some food trucks even get turned into actual restaurants, so you can see just how big of a deal they are there. You can find them in a lot of different places and especially during the different festivals they have there year-round like this past weekend was the South by SouthWest Festival!

~I hope you enjoyed this list of must-try food places in Austin, TX! Austin really is a beautifully, diverse and cultural city so if you are willing to take a trip there, I would highly recommend it!~

Signing Off,