Alright, so as you may or may have not noticed (but hopefully you did), I took a little hiatus during Thanksgiving break. When I tell you I did literally nothing the entire break, but take time for myself, it’s actually hilarious. I stayed up until 2am or sometimes 3am doing literally nothing but listening to music, reading a book, or scrolling on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Snapchat. Pretty productive, right? Well, break is over and we have to get back to grinding, so here is a little motivation and advice for dealing with these last couple of weeks until Winter Break.

Okay, first of all, who else didn’t check if they actually had homework due over the break? Don’t be afraid to admit it, we all screw ourselves over sometime in life. And this time, I definitely did that. Penn State uses Canvas for assignments, classwork, tests, quizzes, etc. for professors and students. Why am I bringing this up you might be asking? Because I didn’t even look at canvas. Didn’t type it in the search engine, in fact, two days before I was even supposed to leave the good old city of State College (where Penn State resides) I stopped looking at it. It had snowed and school was cancelled, so why is this important? DON’T DO THAT. For the love of God, don’t do anything I did…

Tip #1:
Before you even leave for Thanksgiving break, please, please, please check what work you have due, because if you aren’t careful, you just might be getting a bunch of zeros. I had a friend (he who must not be named) who didn’t check Canvas all break and realized a day before he was supposed to go back that he had assignments due over break. He couldn’t do anything about them because they were already past due. So do you know what he got, a big fat:

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~So definitely check and make sure if you do or do not have work over the break, and if so, GET IT DONE BEFORE BREAK. Or, you will be stuck doing it Sunday night up until the very last minute. Have fun with that…

Tip #2:
Once you get back from break, don’t get lazy. I know that you are probably still feeling stuffed from thanksgiving and the many leftovers you ate while you were at home and still brought leftovers back with you, but please don’t give up. It is the final stretch and I’ve noticed (on our first day back) that so many people are already in that “I don’t care” mentality.

You literally worked hard the entire semester up until the break, so why give up now? Don’t let these next 2-3 weeks faze you. It’s not worth it to get a C in the class you could have gotten an A in if you just did a couple more assignments and studied for your final exam.

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~Remain consistent. Keep that same energy from before break.

Tip #3:
Don’t stress. I know this may sound like a crappy thing to say, but your grades are only as important as you make them. Not to say that you shouldn’t strive for good grades, I am a scholar after all, but that you shouldn’t put too much weight on it. Try to get that GPA that you have been working so hard for, but don’t do it at the cost of your mental health. I made the mistake of thinking my grades were more important than my well being in high school and I paid the price for it. I’m still trying to get my life together after being stressed out trying to maintain a 4.2 GPA for four years.

Trust me when I say that your mental health is way more important than a stupid letter grade. If you are riddled with stress, anxiety, and depression and don’t see the point in even continuing with life because you are so down that it doesn’t seem like there is a way out, then that A that you were stressing over meant nothing.

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~Remember, your professor can’t stress you out if you don’t let them. Care about your assignments and exams, but don’t go overboard with it. Do as much as you can, study as hard as you can, and then just let it be

Tip #4:
If you didn’t take my advice from tip #3 and you need to de-stress, here is a few things you can do:

  1. If you are one of those people who actually like to exercise regularly and be “fit” and “healthy,” then don’t forget to go to the gym. Even if you feel like you don’t have time, take a break and go for a run. Or if it is to cold to even leave your building, which is usually my excuse, do a few exercises in your dorm room. It will give your brain a break and should clear your mind for some more studying.
  2. Maybe the gym isn’t your thing? Pick up a nice book and start reading. It could be something that you have been meaning to read for a few months, but never got around to it. Go borrow it from the library, buy it at the local bookstore, or download it on your phone. Pick a nice quiet area and read a chapter or two or for a certain amount of time like 20 minutes or so. Or, here is a better idea, read my other posts if you haven’t already!
  3. Here is something that you may already do too often, watch Netflix! Yes, I did throw a bit of shade, but we are all guilty of that. Watching Netflix for so long without pausing that they have to ask us if we are still there. And, of course, we are there because we are sitting alone in the dark binge watching  a show we somehow just became interested in just to avoid doing homework or studying for an exam. But, in this case, taking a break and watching something may be a good thing. Be weary though, only watch shows less than 30 mins if you are taking a break from studying. Otherwise, you will sit there all night watching episode after 45 minute episode saying, “just one more and then I’ll get back to studying.”
  4. Listen to some music. Music is very important to me and since I’m a dancer, I typically choreograph a dance in my head to whatever song I’m listening to. To me, music can pretty much transport you to a new world and sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to de-stress.

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~If you are stressed out, you are going to either freeze up on your exams or do very poorly, soooo please de-stress when needed

Hopefully these tips were helpful and please remember that your mental health isn’t collateral damage for getting a perfect GPA 🙂

Signing off,