3 black female leads?? Sign me up! Not to mention the fact that one of the leads (Marsai Martin) executive produced this! In doing so, she became the youngest executive producer in Hollywood! Quite an accomplishment at age 14. What was I doing at 14??? Oh yeah, trying to survive 9th grade… Anyways, joining Marsai Martin in the cast is Regina King and Issa Rae. I’m just going to tell you all now, I love this movie very much, so let’s get started with this review!

First of all, I love the overall idea of the movie. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has thought about what would happen if we were given a second chance to do it all over again. I’m not sure that I would want to, but I’m sure some people would change knowing what they know now. Maybe you could deal with that bully you never had the courage to stand up to. Or maybe ask that girl/boy out that you were too scared to ask. Although, you could never know the rippling effects it could have on your life. Who knows, your life could be worse because of what you changed. It’s why they always say time travel is so tricky that you shouldn’t ever change the past no matter what.

As you probably already know, this movie isn’t about time travel. From the trailer (not a spoiler), a little girl uses some magic to make the main character, Jordan (Marsai Martin and Regina Hall), into a little girl again. Well, it works and as you can guess, Jordan isn’t too happy to relive being a kid again. With the help of her assistant, Jordan navigates being a kid and learns new lessons that teach her how to be a better boss and friend.

I want to applaud Regina Hall, Marsai Martin, and Issa Rae for their beautiful acting and delivery of jokes. They keep the movie light and funny, which is what I expected it to be. This movie also includes Regina Hall as an Executive produce (along with Marsai), black female writers, and a black female director. It’s very empowering (especially for me) when you can see people that look like you and have similar experiences like you, achieve and succeed at something great.

This movie is enlightening in the fact that it teaches kids (and even adults) that it’s okay to be yourself and not be bullied into someone else. Kids nowadays can be so cruel to anyone who doesn’t follow social norms. All I can say is find people that accept you for who you are and if you can’t, you won’t be stuck there forever. Middle school, high school, and college will all come to an end one day and you will move on…

I have seen a few reviews say that Little is basically a cliche (you know, been done before). While I agree with that, I don’t think it’s been done quite like this. For one, it has 3 black leads. And I know I keep mentioning that, but it is so amazing, I have to say it more than once. Secondly, I can’t actually think of a movie that has done this recently, but if you have, let me know in the comments!

~I give this movie a 7/10~

Signing Off,