First of all, I know you’ve heard of this. If you haven’t, then congratulations, you live under a rock. But, I don’t blame you because I live under a rock when it comes to new music. Anyways, we all know this scandal is exactly what rich people would pull because either they don’t believe that their kids are actually smart enough to get into college or the fact that they don’t care and they are taking advantage of a system that already panders to rich white kids.

College is hard enough to get into without a bunch of cheaters also fighting for the same spot. I should know! I studied for four years, for multiple h0urs a week, went to more SAT and ACT classes than I can count, and learned everything I could about the college admissions process just to even have a slightly better chance than people around me. People like me, that look like me, live in the same area, or who are in worst situations have to fight tooth and nail just to get their foot even in the door. I’ve realized a long time ago who the world is catered to, but this is a new level. It’s like something you would watch in a movie, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was already writing a book and script about it right now…

Here’s the rundown on what happened. A man named William “Rick” Singer (a college prep coach) was the alleged man behind the scandal. His scheme was apparently “preying on parents’ fears, and promising lofty guarantees.” 50 people were involved in the scandal who either cheated on standardized test (such as SAT or ACT) or bribed coaches and officials to accept them to an athletic team. I think one of the craziest parts of one of the bribes made to a coach was that the girl hadn’t even played on the team. She was photoshopped to look like she was! What?!?! Lori Loughlin (actress who played Aunt Becky on Full House) and her husband Mossimo Giannulli payed $500,000 to have their daughters be recruited to the USC crew team.¬†Below, is a picture of the girl they took playing, then photoshopped the daughter in it later.

Other people involved in the scandal include, Felicity Huffman, nine coaches, two SAT/ACT administrators, an exam proctor, a college administrator, and a CEO. Here is an interesting fact, the CEO admitted he wanted “to help the wealthiest families get their kids into elite colleges.” Would you look at that? The rich and wealthy want to help the rich and wealthy! Aw, isn’t that just so sweet! Such caring people who don’t seem to give a damn about kids who have worked their butts off to get into a college no matter what circumstance they are going through!

I think the thing that pisses me off the most about this whole situation is the fact that one of the kids didn’t even care about going to college in the first place! I’m not sure if the other kids had that same mindset, but this one girl wanted to only go to college for the “experience.” You know? Going to parties, games, and stupid crap like that. There are people out here who NEED to go to college because we have no other choice! We HAVE to get an education and get a job or we won’t survive in this world. We don’t have mommy or daddy’s money to back us up whenever we need it. She said she was sorry, but who really believes it? Check out this clip on YouTube about it!

Prosecutors said that, “some parents paid between $15,000 and $75,000 per test to help their children get a better score.” Mark Riddell, a man Rick Singer hired, took the test or replaced the students’ responses with his own. He got away with this because the test administrators were paid off. Singer hid the huge payments under “charitable contributions” to the Key WorldWide Foundation (which he ran). In an ironic turn of events, the foundation was supposed to help poor students…

Currently, the University of California is investigating everyone involved in the scandal and is looking over their admissions policies. A group of college students and parents rejected from the schools are filing a federal lawsuit. The University of Southern California fired their senior athletic director, Donna Heinel, and water polo coach, Jovan Vavic, who were both involved in the scam. USC is also reviewing their admissions policies and all USC applicants that were apart of the scandal will be denied admission. Other schools involved in the scandal are also firing people involved.¬†“Singer pleaded guilty to racketeering, money laundering, obstruction of justice and conspiracy, and now faces a maximum of 65 years in jail.”

Do you want to know why I am not surprised? Because since God knows how long, people have used whatever power they have to get ahead of others. Instead of thinking “Wait maybe this is wrong. There are people out there who are actually working hard and we should make our child work for it to” they decide to pay their way into college illegally. So not only do some people have a leg up because of the whole legacy thing (mainly at Harvard and other Ivy-Leagues), but they also give very “charitable” donations to the colleges. The only thing different about this scandal was that the money was more directed to coaches or test administrators. But do you know whats the same? The people they hurt. People like you and me who are actually trying. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear about rich people scamming their way into college.